Greetings Dear Visitors, we are happy to make your vacation even more enjoyable and present you one of ours top offers in town of Vodice. Croatian coast is rich with thousands of islands and with our boats you can spend your time to depart into this natural wilderness of Adriatic sea and visit Zlarin, Prvic and maybe even tour towards National park of Kornati. So during the summer we offer rent a boat service with discounts and thats 6th and 9thmonth and on all packages above 3 day rent 10% of discount during all season.

We present you our boats and their specifications on link here.



The most beautiful place to watch the sunsets in Vodice is from the water on one of our boats. Relax and let all the stress melt away with a glass of wine as the Captain guides you across the 3 islands.

A Sunset Tour can be booked any day of the week  as a public tour or you may request a Sunset Tour for your private charter on any of our boats. During this tour we will take you to watch the sunset from the most pristine location in Vodice.Duration of the trip is from 1 hour.

Price for tour : adults : 20 eur ( 150 kn ) , children : 5-12 year : 13 eur ( 100 kn )



Adrenaline short trip with speedboat for enjoyment at sea. The active form of relaxation and sightseeing three beautiful islands (Prvic, Zlarin and Lupac) with a tour of the famous fortress of St. Nicholas, which was built in the mid 16th century. At the entrance to St. Anthony, a narrow sea passage leading to Sibenik. Join us and together we feel the charm of beautiful islands and the famous fortress. Duration of the trip is from 2 hours.

Price for tour is: adults : 33 eur ( 250 kn ) , children: 5-12 year : 27 eur ( 200 kn )

On our  “Speedboat short trip” We offer the possibility of stopping at a small island or  swimming . The choice is YOURS!!!


Visit more than 10 islands in only 1 hour !!!

Price for tour : adults : 27 eur ( 200 kn ) , children : 5-12 year : 20 eur ( 150 kn )

Full day boat excursions to National Parks Kornati and Krka provide a memorable experience. Apart from the fact they sweep you off your feet with their natural attractions, they are also the spots of historical moments and cultural sites.

We will take you to full day excursions aboard our modernly equipped, historical boats Ina and Desto. We are the only ones to give you the chance to see two parks Kornati National Park and Nature Park Telašćica in a single day. In case you opt for visiting Krka National Park, Desto will take you as close to waterfalls as possible, up to only 100 meters distance. Do not miss out our full day excursions for an unforgettable experience!

Destina is a company that sprang from a hundred year maritime tradition in Cukrov family. It was founded in 2007, with headquarters in Vodice.

After years of working on small merchant ships from the 80ies of last century, we have been exclusively working in tourism. Our primary activity is organizing full day and half day boat tours in the area of Šibenik Knin County and Zadar County.

These two counties abound in natural and cultural pearls, some of which are: Krka and Kornati National Parks, Nature Park Telašćica, islands of the Šibenik archipelago; Prvić, Zlarin and Krapanj.

 If you wish to see these sites you are on the right place, just send your contact to Tea Tours and we will set you for great sea adventure. Info :



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