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Vransko jezero ( Vrana Lake ) is the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is located in the central part of the Dalmatian coast, 20 kilometres far from the town Vodice.

The park area is characterized by a high degree of biological and landscape diversity as it represents an unusual combination of Mediterranean karst and wetland area . It is one of the most important bird habitats in Croatia.

The north-western border of the lake lies in the zone of intensive flooding, providing a habitat for a great number of waterfowl area of  Vrana Lake, in which purple herons and pygmy cormorants nest in a mixed colony, making this area a unique bird site of the Adriatic coast.To date 239 bird species have been registered, of which 102 nest here, the rest being migratory species that use the park area as a resting or wintering place along their migratory routes. Due to 87 wintering bird species with more than 100,000 specimens , the area is one of the most important European wintering sites. As many as 143 migratory bird species from Central and North Europe rest here. The daily population in the Park sometimes reaches 1.000.000 birds during autumn migration season, and for this reason the Park has been listed as an Important Bird Area of Europe ( IBA ).

Another important biological feature of the Park is  the diversity of the fish, among which Mediterranean subspecies of the roach should be mentioned.

The Vransko jezero Nature Park abound in cultural and historical monuments, from Neolithic tumuli , Liburnian and late ancient period Refugios , a Roman water supply system, unique Roman circular observation posts, a Venetian military border station , to the most important monument of cultural and architectural heritage, the old Benedictine ( later Templar ) Monastery from 10 th century…

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